What comes after my Bachelor?

  • Is this degree really for me? What comes after my Bachelor?

    Dear university students, dear Bachelor graduates:
    A few years ago you decided on your current degree. You have now already completed a few semesters and pretty soon you will have your Bachelor degree. Congratulations, because with your Bachelor degree, you have already taken the first steps on the path to personal career planning.

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    Now it’s time to keep going. What is the next step after your Bachelor? What Master’s degree would be an optimal choice? What alternative possibilities are there? Would directly entering the work force after your Bachelor degree make sense? Is your “dream job” from back then still your career goal? Or has your current degree made you curious about other professional fields?

    In our one-day career counseling you will find out what path will allow you to make the most of yourpotential in your professional life. Get to know your strengths – and discover your own individual path that will lead you to your career, one that best suits you and your vision. We analyze your abilities professionally and independently. The result: An optimal strategy on how to continue your individual journey.

  • Counseling Procedure & Costs

    • Within one complete counseling day, you can expect an intensive analysis of your abilities and potential. The professional career counseling begins in the early morning and comprises different elements, which include interviews, individually tailored modules, a number of personality tests and a cognitive performance process. In this way, we analyze your personal traits, your performance motivation, patterns of behavior and communication, your learning style and temperament.

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      Over the course of the entire day of counseling you will be looked after by one of our career consultants exclusively dedicated to your analysis. Depending on our processing time, a presentation of the results will take place at the end of the day. This will take about one and a half hours. For this concluding talk, you may also invite your parents or other trusted persons of your choice, and we speak about concrete recommendations for your career path. Together we define your goals and map out the necessary steps forward. We answer any questions you have regarding our recommendations for work and studies in detail.

      To conclude the counseling, you will receive all processed results, recommendations, and information (including, for example, required training for specific jobs, colleges, universities, and career profiles) in the form of a folder comprising a few hundred pages, which is put together for you individually by your consultant. Finally, for the course of one whole year, you are free to contact us with any further counseling-related questions at no extra charge.


      1,500 Euro
      (sales tax included)

  • Participant Feedback

    • “Your counseling helped me a lot, not only because you suggested different degrees to me and explained them in detail in writing, but also because your recommendations based on an analysis of my personality are more easily conceivable for my parents and also for me.

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      Furthermore, I felt very comfortable in your rooms, not only because I was well looked after, but also because of Miss Stoeber’s accompaniment after that day. I had the feeling that on the day “everything was about me”, not only because of the room, but also because I didn’t encounter any other client.

      The break between the individual tests for lunch I felt was sufficient. I thought the concluding assessmentwas very eye-opening and highly interesting. The presented findings were very accurate and well explainedI felt that I was being treated honestly as my weaknesses were also listed, however, phrased in such a way that I didn’t feel I was being criticized. It was also good that a topic always ended by listing positive aspects, so even though I was made aware of my weaknesses, I felt motivated to improve on them.

      The day at your agency surpassed my expectations and I now feel more assured when it comes to my future, partly because you presented me with different possibilities and made the field of choice more graspablewithout limiting it. I’d like to thank you again for your advice; it really helped me a lot.”

      Dorothee v. H.

    • Actually, I wasn’t sure at all about what I should do after high school. Yes, of course I wanted to study something, but what? So I went to the career counseling at Struss and Partner, which helped me a lot in making my choice.

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      It started at 9.00 AM. First, I had to do a lot of tests, all of them multiple choice. These were supposed to reveal my performance profile, talents, personal preferences, temperament, motivating factors, and interests.

      Following that there was a personal conversation, in which I was asked all kinds of things: my hobbies, favorite subjects, and much more. After a lunch break and a few more small tests, there was the actual counseling talk, which my parents also attended. The results were shared, my strengths were shown, suggestions for my further career were made. I was surprised with the accuracy of the test results as well as the way my strengths and weaknesses were analyzed. I could see myself in all of the results. So it was no surprise that the suggested subjects to study appealed to me straight away. After my parents and I asked a number of questions, the very intense but satisfying day was over.

      I received two thick document folders with my entire test results, strengths, further steps, application tips, and information about recommended degrees all summarized. This opened my eyes and led me to Economics. I am very satisfied with my chosen degree and thanks to the ¬¬¬¬¬great counseling by Ragnhild Struss. I’m looking forward to my studies!

      Alexander H.

    • “It’s been two years since I was there and I have to thank you again for your help. Your competent analysis gave me a framework of orientation which made the decisions for my career path easier.

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      After your recommendations I looked for internships at large companies after my Bachelor degree and did six months at BMW in Munich. After that, I worked for half a year in Spain to get more experience and, based on your advice, to perfect a second foreign language. It was a hard path but was worth it.

      At the moment, I am doing a Master’s degree, I decided on International Business. In England it is possible to combine different Master’s and Bachelor degrees without a problem, even if the Master’s isn’t a continuation of your previous degree. You were also right in your assessment that I was supposedly “good at math”: In accounting and finance, a very numbers-oriented subject, I have received the best marks so far.

      The future also looks very promising: Just today I got the acceptance letter for a Graduate Trainee Program at Renault, where I will have different posts in the company over two years and after that will receive a permanent position. I have you to thank for this success – because of your ideas and suggestions I was able to create a profile that seems attractive to many employers and has enabled me to stand out among the manyother applicants. Without a “big name” on my resume or a second foreign language, I would have probably never made it through all the competition.

      So for that, thank you once again. With your competent and insightful work, you will definitely pave theway for many more young people and their future.”

      Friederike Böge

    • “On the day of the counseling I was pretty nervous, as I didn’t know exactly what to expect and I was scared that the tests might be difficult.This fear turned out to be unfounded because there was no right or wrong answer for the many personality tests and the friendly and open manner of my counselors in the introduction made my nervousness disappear straight away.

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      Shortly after the introduction, a few more questions were answered and then the different tests began. I was allowed to do them at a very comfortable pace. The tests themselves were never really difficult and not verytiring either. My performance profile, my talents, personal preferences, temperament, motivating factors, andmy individual interests were tested. All these factors made up the total result, as well as the interview that my counselors carried out with me.

      The atmosphere became more and more relaxed and I was asked many different questions, partly about the answers I had already given in the previous tests and about my personality. In addition, I was able to speak about my hobbies and interests. After the interview, I had a short lunch break where I could recharge for the rest of the day. After the break, there were more tests, in which I had to complete math problems, test my spatial sense and my language skills. My school skills were tested here, although the tasks were similar to the ones in an assessment center.

      When I had completed all the tasks, which of course took a certain amount of time, my parents joined us in the afternoon and we waited in a friendly room until my counselors came in and presented the results. The presentation went really well and the results were shared out loud and at a comfortable speed. I was surprised mostly about how detailed the results about my personality were presented and I could recognize myself in all of their points.

      The presentation was done in the form of a dialogue and the results were aided by flipcharts. In addition tomy strengths, I also received tips on how to improve my weaknesses, or further build on my strengths and all test results were worked through thoroughly.

      At the end of the presentation, which lasted about an hour and a half, I finally received my recommendations for the future, which I had been waiting for the whole day. I have to say that the recommendations fit really well to my preferences and I was also surprised, how diverse and tailored to me the information was. In addition to the presentation, I received a folder which contained the summarized results from the presentation. The folder was also made up of further information on my suggested direction for my studies and professions including reports as well as possibilities for going on a year abroad and many tips for how to apply for jobs.

      On the whole, I can say that the day went really well for me and was really informative. On the one hand, I learned a lot about myself and jobs that suit me, and on the other, I had a lot of fun on the day and felt really well looked after and taken seriously by my counselors. Now I definitely know how I will plan my futureand I was surprised how in one day so much information could be gathered about me and analyzed and how accurate it was. I would definitely recommend a career counseling as it absolutely makes sense and withStruss and Partner you are in the best hands. Personally, I would like to thank Mrs. Stoeber and Mrs. Soylu for this fantastic counseling and I am excited to see how the results translate into my future.”


  • For Bachelor Graduates

    • In the past years, the German university system has gradually changed over to subjects with Bachelor/Master degrees. Now about half of college graduates and a quarter of university graduates decide to enter the work force directly after their Bachelor degree – with increasing tendency. For employees as well as employers, this creates many new opportunities and demands.

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      What does it come down to when looking for a job after your Bachelor degree? How can you make the best use of your acquired knowledge in your job? What field of work and what position would suit you? In our career counseling we explore in detail the individual demands and opportunities that Bachelor graduates are faced with in the job market.

  • Career check list: find out what really suits you

    • With our career check list, we encourage you to really think about what your desires and your ideas about the future are. We recommend printing the list out and taking the time to fill it in. Have fun thinking and discovering.

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